Yue Yuan


An intuitive Epinephrine auto-injector for patients with severe allergy that guides users with sound and light, ensuring correct usage of the device.




Scale of the problem

73 millions of people are estimated to experience Anaphylaxis at one point in life.


84% of patients misuse the auto-injector

In most cases they fail to hold the injector in place for 10 seconds leading to a useless medication dosage. 




How can we use sound and light to create a self explanatory auto-injector for people who have severe allergy?




ISA10 is an Epinephrine auto-injector for severely allergic patients. It uses sound and light as a language ,which guides users trough the whole process to help them use it correctly. Additionally it calms down the users and improves their usage experience. ISA is a tool and a companion which accompanies the users all the time, allows them take the ownership of their allergy, as well as reassures that they will be fine.

Duration : 2 weeks
Time : 2016 spring
Skill : Prototype, Storytelling,  Sound design
Team : Piotr Kuklo, Joanna Pruchnicka, Jenny Holmsten




Use sound and light to create a self explanatory auto-injector that guides users through the whole process to help them to use it correctly and help them calm down.

06infor overload.jpg

Intimidating look

Existing injectors are huge and intimidating for the users

06infor overload.jpg

Information overload

Existing solutions don’t provide clear instruction

05 hard to find.jpg

Hard to find

It’s hard for patients to find the injectors during the attack

04 lack of visual.jpg

Lack of feedback

Patients don’t get any feedback both during and after use injectors




A pen for auto-injection which provides sound and light feedback to guide the users through the whole injection process. Sound and light design were built around the metaphor of a flowing liquid. They influence and coordinate with each other, and help users to understand how to use it correctly in emergency situation .

product app2.jpg




1. Easy to find it

Because of the emergency situation, it’s crucial for the users to find the auto-injector as soon as possible. To trigger ISA10 simply shake the bag or use the app. Light and sound will you locate it.

2. Alert the user when the injector is ready

Since the observer often lacking experience with auto-injectors and is using it for the first time. ISA10 makes sure to confirm it's active state with sound and light when the protective cap is removed.


3. Display the 10 second loading process

The most crucial part of the whole using process is the 10 second injection period. This is where most users fail, leading to a life or death situation. ISA10 gives a sounds sequence designed to keep them from removing the injector to soon.


4. Contact the nearest hospital after an injection

The app will automatically connect the user to emergency service after every injection to make sure the user will be fine when they have serve allergy reaction.



ISA10 was the result of a ten day collaboration with the MFA of Advanced Product Design at UMEÅ, Institute of Design part of the course "Industrial Sound Design".



The project was a two week collaboration with one student from the MFA in Advanced Product Design. The short timespan made the process extremely high paced. So after we had developed a common vision regarding feedbacks and the user experience we divided the task. The interior and exterior of the auto-injector, sound and light design were built simultaneously, we still collaborate on the most important aspects of the concept.




Interviews with patients

We started from talking with people that have allergies. We interviewed three people with different level of allergies. One of them has severe allergy and is the user of an auto-injector.

Beginning of the ideation

With knowledge from research and interviews we started to brainstorming on solutions that we would like to include in the device. Out of many ideas we chose the ones that would be feasible to verify during the time we were left.



Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 17.03.28.png

Sound sketch

We created a sound board and designed specific sounds for each step. Sound design inspired from the metaphor of the liquid flowing out of the device. The goal of sound design is using clear sounds with liquid associations to mimic the fact that liquid is injected into your body.


Initial walkthrough

In the initial research we've explored the possibilities of light and sound guiding user through the process. We also asked users to do card sorting indicating how certain sound affected them. on an emotional level.




In order to make sure that the feedback can guide users properly , we built a prototype to demonstrate the changing of light and sound. Thanks to that the users can intuitively understand our design, and gave us insight into the problem, and help to improve our final solution .


Functional Prototype

A pen prototype was created to test if the sequence of interactions is understandable without detailed instructions. We placed five LEDs SMD inside a plastic tube to mimic the light interaction and connected them to Arduino Nano to trigger actions through push buttons.


Wizard of Oz

During the Wizard of Oz research we tested if our solution is understandable without detailed instruction. All of the users who haven't used auto-injector before performed task correctly. 




Less intimidating look

Less intimidating look of the device minimizes users anxiety towards auto-injector. Furthermore sleek design allows to handle injecotr in public without the feeling of stigmatization



While other solutions on the market are disposable in case of Isa only part with needle and medicine need to be replaced after using it. This solution decreases the cost of a single injection, is more sustainable and helps to establish more personal relationship with the device.


Self-explanatory and step-by step instruction

Isa10 provides easy visual instruction doesn't overload user with unnecessary information before the attack. And during the attack, Devices guides users with sound and light ensuring its correct usage.


Magnetic attachment

Since user needs to carry two auto-injectors they can be connected with each other thanks to magnets embedded in the main body of the device.




Pen can be found more easily after triggering sound and light alarm. App additionally reminds about annual renewal of auto-injectors. After the injection app automatically calls the nearest hospital.