What if people could take a blood test without a needle?


Cyte is a public blood test service for everyone who needs to analysis blood especially for people with short and long term diseases that need to do blood test frequently.Users can find this non-invasive blood testing device in every public space such as supermarket, pharmacy, school,shopping mall and so on.Then send the result to their phone , or send it to doctors. They can go to hospital directly or waiting for the doctors give them analysis of their result.                                                                                                                                   

Duration : 3 days
Time: 2015 fall
Team: Akansha Aggarwal , Joakim Bergborn , Marc Saboya



1. Choose the category which you want to test


2. Put your finger to the optical blood test area to analysis blood.


3. Waiting for the result.

phone .png

4. Send it to smart phone and see the analysis of blood test.





1. Doing blood test in every public space.

Comparing with waiting in the hospital for at least 2 hours to queue up,the whole service of cyte makes the blood test more convenient for both patients and doctors.Users can find cyte in the public spaces where they always visit, and have  results and  basic analysis in their phone, then they can decide if  they need to go to the hospital.  They also can send it to the doctor directly .And the more information will be analyzed in the hospital whether there is anything to be looked at. The doctor will call or message users if they should go to the hospital.

2. Record the blood test result

Record the changing of users blood test result, and help them to manage the analysis and feedback form hospital and doctors.Then they don't need to keep the paper result. It's also make the medical test result much more easier for users to understand.


3. Doing blood test without needles and pain

It use optical microscope shines light trough the skin so it can analysis the blood flowing through the capillaries. It will be reduce the sufferings of users especially for kids and people who have long-term disease and need to do blood test frequently.






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