How can people stay at their optimal stress level,for the given situation?



Duration: 3 days
Time: 2015 fall
Team: Joanna Pruchnicka, Eduardo Ferreira, Måns Hellgren, Isak Dunér

Spiro2 is a stress-relieving tool for desk workers. It is an elastic band, and can constantly monitors the user for signs of stress by using the streching sensor to sense breathing rythm and intensity. When stress is detected, the vibration motors inside SPIRO2 will guide user breathing until their breathing pattern is normal and stress level is lower. 



1. Wear it under chest

2. Monitor stress level

3. Breathing guidance

4. Keep the best breathing pattern




1. Biofeedback training, long term benifts

Spiro2 use the biofeedback technology which can help them to build and train resilience to mental and physical stress in their internal system.

The goal of controlled respiration in the treatment of excessive stress is to have the users voluntarily alter his or her rhythmic pattern of breathing to create a more relaxed state. Over time, the best breathing pattern can endure without continued using of our product.


2. Reduce chronic stress and improve working performance

Under proper pressure, people are highly motivated; but, under excessive pressure, people feel frustrated and even end up in failure. But it’s difficult for them to realize the changing of their states. Spiro2 can monitor people’s pressure state by identify the changing of regulation of respiratory, then use this natural reflex to help people to adjust their psychological states in order to balance the mental pressure ,thereby improving focus, calming anxiety, and preparing for improved performance of users.



Spiro2 sense users’ breathing rhythm and intensity by using piezoelectric fabric. When people are under excessive pressure, the vibration motors inside Spiro2 will vibrate and alert users,after that, it will guide users breathing by changing the vibration frequency.

It is more intimate and humanized, only the users know the whole training process.




SPIRO2 was a result of a 3 days Makeathon which organised by GE Healthcare. Most of the participants were students from Umeå Institute of Design and HCI Master Programme from Umeå University.




Because of  the theme for this event was focused on home and work environment and especially on preventing lifestyle diseases.We start the brainstorming from the question:what are lifestyle diseases and what cause them? After organizing and selecting,we came up with a question which is also the direction of our concept: How can we make people stay at their optimal stress level for the given situations? Along with answer to that question we decided to focus on the wearable product and associated breathing patterns with stress.because we want to combine respiration with psychology ,and give users a long time benefit  ,which allow them to build a resilience to mental and physical stress even without our product.



A functional prototype was built based on Arduino platform.and we also try to use different fabric to test the elasticity of them , and finally we choose a piezoelectric fabric which can easily sense the breathing rhythm and support our concept.