What if

We create a health butler service system based on fridge for its users?

meet  I-Fridge 

I-Fridge is a Family Health Butler Service System aiming at managing the health information and help the whole family to plan their healthy dietary which takes future intelligent fridge as the starting point. 

It provides a series of service for the users including tracking daily calorie, detection of body status, recommendation of food and cooking guidance.Users input their personal information on the terminal devices and upload to the refrigerator.Then the database of the system will make the plans of cooking recommendation and receipets according to the theirs health conditions. Also the appearance and interior structure design are based  on special needs of Chinese users.

Duration : 8 weeks
Time: 2014 fall
Independent work


Creative color-changing inductive door: It enables the users to have a glance of the interior condition of the refrigerating space before opening. And a touch screen supports intelligent functions.




Basic information of persona/

Mile Lee,  30 years old,  graphic designer, married for 5 years, and have a 3 years old boy.   She is a typical Chinese woman who has to strike a balance between vocational and family duties, which makes it difficult for them to give enough consideration to every family members' need for food and nutrition. She is bothered by the intense work burdens which squeeze her time for dietary health affairs.


  • She need a database which can provide tailored advice of diets and disease therapies in accordance with the diverse physical conditions of family members.
  • A fridge enable different food storage requirements.
  • An app which can help her manage the fridge wherever she is.

Design opportunities/

How to enhance the intelligence of refrigerators via Cloud Technology and draw links between diets, users' health condition information database so as to provide every family member with an integrated portfolio of dietary suggestions and healthcare service.



the solution


I-Fridge include an app ,a smart fridge which designed by special needs of Chinese users. It focus on connecting smart fridge with mobile terminal to form a system providing comprehensive service.



                  INFORMATION FLOW

                  INFORMATION FLOW

                           WIRE FRAME

                           WIRE FRAME





In order to base my designs on the actual demands of our users,I delivered in -depth interviews to five people , which help me to insight the potential of my design.


test of spatial distribution 

Basing on the scientific segmentation of refrigerator's space, I did the test for spatial distribution in order to analysis the different habit of food storage of users. It helps me to better understand the need of users,and help me to successfully fulfilled the users' versatile requirement for food storage and gave careful decision to the different storage requirements of different food.



As for the entitative parts design of the refrigerators, I drew large amount of sketches for such two purposes as perfecting the product appearances according to the high-caliber customers' requirement of aesthetics and making innovations against the refrigerator storage divisions and interior storage structures.