I am Yue Yuan, an interaction designer from China. Currently completed my master’s degree at Umeå Institute of Design and and looking for opportunities from September 2018 onwards.

I enjoy crafting products that bridge the gap between our digital and physical worlds; I work across the entire design process and focus on translating human-center design research into digital and physical experiences. I’m fascinated with our fuzzy relationships with new technologies and love to integrate technology and design in a more playful and human way.  




Over the past year, I worked as an interaction design intern at IDEO in San Francisco and IDEO in Munich. I experienced the working culture and different projects in both the USA and Europe. I was helping to scale a program for kids with special needs into a digital platform, imagining new experiences for television, and helping a big brand envisioning the future of connected smart homes. 

I always enjoy being involved in the hands-on development of the product but during my internships, I also found a passion to think beyond products, moving into systems and using a strategic lens while refining design details.




Out of design, I am a passionate illustrator who started to learning drawing since 6 years old. The passion of both digital and traditional drawing led me to my master’s degree thesis. The following are selections of my illustration work.


I’m also a big fan of national parks, have traveled over 15 national parks around the world.